Mulia Deli

Savour Decadent Cakes, Chocolates and Patisseries From Mulia Deli

Exquisite Truffle Delights and Gourmet Meals to Go
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Displays of lifelike sugar flowers, beautifully piped meringue and chocolate sculptures greet you as you enter Mulia Deli. Rows upon rows of beautifully designed desserts - from choux pastry to cupcakes, mousse, cheesecake, as well as a selection of whole cakes - beckons you to take a bite and lose yourself in this sweet dreamland.

Mulia Deli also features a selection of chocolate truffles, bonbons, and macarons - perfect for gifts - along with jars of cookies, biscottis, even savory peanuts. While freshly baked bread and sandwiches are the best takeaway item for a quick lunch or even to bring to dinner parties. 

For special occasions, Mulia Deli is ready to make your cake designs come true - or opt for the cakes on display with gravity-defying chocolate discs or shiny glaze. 

Escape reality and find sweet dreams only at Mulia Deli.


Cuisine : French Pastries
Hours of Operations : 10 AM - 10 PM

Mulia Deli is ready to make your cake designs come true. Order your favourite cake online for your special occasions.