Special Offers

Bread Selections

From selecting the best ingredients, mixing the dough, resting it even down to tapping the bread to ensure a proper bake, to our bakers, breadmaking is truly an art. This is why Mulia Deli freshly bakes its bread daily to give you nothing but the best products you can find on the island. Mulia Deli's selection of bread varies from the simple dinner rolls to the buttery layers of a croissant, the softness of the brioche toast to the classic French baguette to add a touch of finesse to your dinner table.


Cakes Selections

Mulia Deli's delectable selection of cakes is every reason why you should celebrate. Created out of love for the finest things in life, Mulia Deli takes inspiration from the best classic creations and elevating them to another level - of luxury and elegance. Each cake is crafted as a piece of art, with stunning decorations from gravity-defying chocolate discs, silky smooth mirror glaze, intricately placed fruits to a simple touch of chocolate covered strawberries. Choose from the classic apple tart to the decadent chocolate fudge cake that melts your heart away with the best quality chocolate. Who needs a reason to celebrate when the cake's this good?