Step Into Cannelé and Embark on an Interactive Journey Into the Heart of True Pâtisserie

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Elegance in Design
Cannelé's Interior is an Elegance of Design, a Grand Ambiance where the Art of Pastry Unfolds. Soft curves, artful chocolate displays, and live showcases create a symphony of charms, inviting guests on an interactive journey into the heart of pâtisserie, elevating their visit with transparency and engagement.

Celebrating Local Flavours
We celebrate local flavours by blending French pastry craftsmanship with the richness of Indonesian ingredients. From fragrant Kintamani oranges to artisanal honeys, every creation is imbued with locally sourced treasures. The coffee selections are thoughtfully curated, while locally sourced cocoa creates delectable chocolates capturing Indonesia's essence. Cannelé invites patrons on a sensory journey, fusing French pastry finesse with Indonesia's natural abundance.

Delectable Gifts for Travelers
Elevate your travels with Cannelé's exclusive gift collection, a meticulously curated array of exquisite confections and signature culinary creations that embody the essence of our luxurious patisserie. Each delicacy is crafted with precision and presented in beautifully packaged carriers, blending French pastry elegance with Indonesia's diverse flavors. Whether it's a cherished memento or a delightful personal treat you seek, our takeaway offerings include Mulia's renowned crispy duck rice and a curated range of exclusive lunch boxes.


Cuisine : French Pastries
Operational Hour : 8 AM - 10 PM

Dress Code

Smart casual (wet cloth, bikini and bathrobe are not allowed).

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