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The Café, located at the lobby of Hotel Mulia Senayan, welcomes you to a dining experience unlike any other all you can eat restaurant or coffee shop in Jakarta. This multi-cuisine restaurant was designed to evoke a ‘dining room’ ambience and is one of the most sought-after tables in the city. 

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Family Iftar Takeout Special

Celebrate Ramadan at Home with family and the Mulia gastronomy experience. 
Make your evening special with a gourmet roasted lamb leg, or a whole roasted Chicken or a Salmon fillet in a pastry crust. 
Pre-order 24 hours in advance and our Chefs will ensure it is festive special and you can have it collected.


Ramadan at Mulia

It is our privilege to serve you our choicest dishes from our speciality restaurant this fasting season.
Whether you dine-in or order a take home meal, we will make sure it's special. Enjoy our large spread of food and Takjil for every Iftar is available with your meal.


A Cooling Ramadan

Presenting two special Ramadan Mocktails this fasting month. Sip on the goodness of natural electrolytes of coconut water and watermelon which are great rehydraters. Keep your immune healthy this Ramadan and keep energised at Hotel Mulia.


All Time Treats

We know you have your favourite dishes at Hotel Mulia. And some of these iconic dishes are now featured both in our dine-in and take-out menus. The must try dishes that will make you come back for more this seasons, Sparkling Coffee menu and many more.


Favourite Dining Treats

Dine 3 Pay 2 (Lunch) - Feast with friends and family with two amazing offers for lunch and dinner at The Café featuring Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian, Western cuisines and grilled meats.



Good Mulia Mornings

Begin the day with a scrumptious breakfast at the famed The Café that is sure to put you in a good mood and ready to take on the day.


There's Take-out When You Don't Want to Go Out

Food tastes better when you eat with your family. Over 50+ food selections are ready to go. Order your loved ones' favourites from Indonesian, Indian, Thai, Japanese, Italian, to Chinese cuisines.
you can do Drive-thru or order by phone and collect it at the pick-up point (Car Call Station at the main lobby) or for minimum IDR 1 million we will have it delivered to your doorstep for your convenience. Enjoy up to 15% savings* for pick-up every Tuesday and Friday.


A Gourmet Carvery Delight

Savour one of the finest fillet of Angus Beef wrapped in crisp layers of pastry in a Beef Wellington. Explore the juicy tender Beef Sirloin of Australian Angus and Wagyu. Choose a whole Roasted Chicken or delight in a whole roast leg of Lamb as we present to you our famous French masterpieces.



Gourmet Sauces

Choose from a variety of Mulia Signature sauces like XO, Black Pepper Sauce, Sambal Cumi, Sambal Madura, and many more.


Over Coffees and Croissants

Just call us for a coffee meeting up to 6 people and we will have your table ready at the lifestyle section of The Café or at Cascade Lounge.


The Boozy Twist Affogato

Indulge your tastebuds in the reimagined ice-cold Italian fresh Avocado juice, shot of Espresso, and Vanilla ice cream. Drink your favourite coffee in the middle of the buzzling city at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta.



Vietnamese Drip Coffee

Let us take you on a caffeinated journey of the famous Vietnamese Coffee. Experience the aroma of the ground dark roasted coffee served as two of our very special creations. A perfect choice to boost up your day.


Plant Based Coffee Experience

Experience the finest selection of hot and cold plant based coffee with ethically sourced vegan coffee beans and hommemade soy milk crafted by Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta tha clamouring to be your next caffeine fix in the middle of buzzling city. Make it a rather enjoyable day to hang out with your laptop and friends.


Coffee in Motion

We invite you to our exclusive Mulia Sparkling Coffees. Sip on amazing creations like Orange Sparkling Coffee and Cinnamon Maple Smoothie among a range of others.



Soul Soother

Made with a harmonious combination of freshest herbs, spices and Indonesia's indigenous ingredients, these traditional herbal drinks make a powerful health booster seeped in tradition.



Immune Boosters

Refresh and recharge your day with a variety of healthy, all natural, delicious and colorful drinks made from high quality fruits and vegetables.


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