Mulia Rewards
Mulia Rewards

Get more from your dining and entertainment with Mulia Rewards.

Receive up to 30% in dining credits for your dinner at Mulia Restaurants and Bar.
Ask our staff for details and start collecting your rewards now.

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Terms & conditions

  1. Mulia Rewards points are valid for 3 months from each individual point issuing date.
  2. The Rewards points are non-extendable and non-exchangeable for cash.
  3. The Rewards points can be earned by successful payment of dinner-time dining in all Restaurants at Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta. (excluding Breakfast, Room Service and Cake Shop.)
  4. The Rewards points may be redeemed at all Hotel Mulia Senayan, Jakarta’s operating Restaurants during dinner-time (excluding Room Service and Cake Shop.)
  5. The Rewards points cannot be earned for purchase of Tobacco products, Cigars, and Merchandises (e.g. Hampers and Mooncakes.)
  6. The Rewards points cannot be earned nor redeemed in Banquet events.
  7. The Rewards Points earning at CJ’s Bar only valid for the first bill that includes the purchase of any bottles.
  8. The Rewards points cannot redeemed on the same-day visit and it will be issued only to the person who dines and do the payments.
  9. The Rewards Points cannot be earned nor redeemed on blackout dates (e.g. Christmas Eve/Day and New Year’s Eve/Day.)
  10. It may take 1 up to 3 days to issue the points. Please check your email or your Reward profile page to monitor your points.
  11. To redeem the points, the individual whose name is associated with the points must be present. We may request a form of identification as a means of verification for this purpose.
  12. Management has the right to discontinue or make any changes to this program at any given time.
  13. This program cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions and/or special packages.
  14. In case of dispute of entitlement, the decision of the Hotel is final.

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